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About Stuff

About Moxy Mail Proxy

Moxy contains about 100 kilobytes of source code, was written in C++ using Anjuta and GCC, tested under GNU/Linux and released under the GNU GPL.

A look at Moxy's layout and internals can be found in the developer section.

About The Author

I am Pat Deegan. I'm currently working as a systems analyst in Orange County, CA. I'm into lots of things, including coding, Linux in general, physics and the scarriest parts of biotech.

If you'd like to offer compensation for using Moxy (not required but welcomed ;) ), contribute to, review or talk about the project, then drop me a line.

Some of my other projects include RUST (a graphical RPM creation program and 'sandboxing' toolkit) and VOCP (a complete voice messaging solution, featuring unlimited voicemail boxes, email pagers and DTMF command shells).

About The Website

This site owes its recent makeover to H Poirier (who also designed and integrated the VOCP and RUST websites).

Thanks go out to the nice folks at sourceforge, where the project is being hosted.

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